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An air duct is a hollow enclosement or pipe running from the exterior of a building to its interior that is used for air conditioning purposes or to air a fireplace. An air duct is also referred to as an air hole or ventilation shaft. They exist as mobile or fixed ventilation shaft systems. This system works by supplying air through the vent and then returning the hot and contaminated air to the exterior of a building. In discipline, hot air rises while cold air falls. Therefore the air duct system is a replica of the current conventional simulation of hot air rising and cold air falling in an enclosed space.


These vents are made up of high-quality materials that are resistant to heat. Galvanized steel is the most commonly used material to manufacture the air duct system. It is usually insulated with fiberglass so as to prevent excessive heat gain or loss. The guiding principle for these systems is that the right amount of air is delivered then returned to the exterior surface so that room comfort can be attained at all times.


Different buildings encounter different air duct designs, AC Repair and other services. This is because a given amount of air is expected to serve a predetermined room area. Air regulation into a room is made possible by the use of a duct blaster. It is an important part of the system since it is also used to measure leakages inside and outside of the duct network.


Since airflow in most buildings is wanting, air holes are setup to correct this issue. They bring in the air and take it out of the system promptly. In so doing, they take away the excess heat in a building, especially during summer time. A cool space with low humidity is a very comfortable utility area for people and their families. These systems are always fitted with an exhaust fan flow meter. Its work is to measure air flow through the fans. For accurate measurements to be realized, this device has to be connected to a digital manometer.


The pressure within the system should never be overlooked. This is because the pressure is very key in ensuring that air flows in and out of the system occasionally. In the absence of this, there will be chaos leading to system failure. Therefore, an air duct is a very elaborate system that aims to achieve artificial comfort within spaces by encouraging improved air flow in and out of a room. This air duct cleaning would be best handled by professionals.